March 25
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Plant Species of the genus Aiphanes

Information about this genus
Name: Aiphanes
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: The 3 to 4 species usually found in palm collections are easily grown outdoors in the tropics and warmer subtropics, but to maintain the beauty of their foliage should be given a sheltered position in partial shade and watered liberally during dry periods. A fertile well-drained soil is desirable. In cooler climates they need a heated conservatory or greenhouse, and can be kept in pots or tubs for a number of years before growing too large. Propagate from seed after removing fruit flesh. Germination takes 1 to 2 months, more in some species, and growth of seedlings is slow for the first 2 years.
Description: Some very beautiful palms belong to this tropical American genus, consisting of about 30 species from northern South America and a few from the West Indies. They are small to medium-sized feather-leafed palms of the rainforest undergrowth, and nearly all are armed with extremely sharp, needle-like black spines that project from the trunk, the frond stalks, and even from the leaflets. The other striking feature of Aiphanes is the way the leaflets widen toward their tips, which are truncated, but at the same time toothed and somewhat frilled. The leaflets are not always distributed evenly along the stalk but may be contracted into groups, with bare intervals between. The flowers are small and yellow or cream, in narrow panicles projecting from among the frond bases and are followed by globular fruit with thin flesh over a very hard, black stone containing a single seed. The fruits are bright red and very decorative.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Aiphanes caryotifolia 11-12

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