March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Alectryon

Information about this genus
Name: Alectryon
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: While these plants thrive in deep, rich organic soil they are equally at home in well-drained conditions provided they are watered and mulched when initially planted. Grow from freshly harvested seed.
Description: Half of the 34 species within this evergreen genus are found in the rainforest or moist temperate to tropical regions of Australia, and the other half spread throughout the islands to the north and east. They are slender trees in their natural habitat, but tend to become bushier and rounder when grown as individual specimens. The dark green leaflets are thick and somewhat leathery, making many species viable for sheltered coastal situations. Flowers are insignificant but are followed, in most species, by clusters of decorative capsules which split open to reveal shiny black seeds protruding from a bright red aril, the fleshy section of the fruit.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Alectryon excelus 8-9
Alectryon oleifolius 8-10
Alectryon subcinereus 9-10
Alectryon tomentosus 9-10

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