December 18
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Plant Species of the genus Alloxylon

Information about this genus
Name: Alloxylon
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They are somewhat demanding, requiring a subtropical climate with year-round rainfall, or tropical hill conditions with a not too severe dry season. Soil must be well drained and moderately fertile, and the trees sheltered from strong winds. Young plants are prone to sudden wilting and death for no apparent reason, but once above a height of 10?15 ft (3?4.5 m) they usually remain healthy. Propagation is from seed, sown as soon as collected.
Description: Belonging to the protea family, Alloxylon comprises 4 species of evergreen rainforest trees native to tropical and subtropical eastern Australia and New Guinea. Among Australian Proteaceae, Alloxylon is most closely related to the the waratah genus Telopea, and its species are similarly prized as ornamentals, with conspicuous red or pinkish flowers in large terminal clusters that attract nectar-feeding birds. The leaves are irregularly lobed or pinnate, though tending to become unlobed and simple on flowering branches. Individual flowers are like those of Grevillea on a larger scale. The flowerheads differ from those of Telopea in not having a ring of conspicuous red bracts. The fruit is a large follicle that splits to release winged seeds.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Alloxylon flammeum 10-11
Alloxylon pinnatum 9-11

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