December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Aloysia

Information about this genus
Name: Aloysia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These plants prefer well-drained loam and summer rainfall or irrigation. They will tolerate only light frosts so require a warm and sheltered position. Straggly growth should be regularly trimmed to encourage new wood and maintain foliage density. Propagate by cuttings which strike readily in summer.
Description: Mostly from South America in subtropical and temperate climates, this genus of tender shrubs and perennials belongs in the Verbenaceae family. All the species contain volatile oils in their foliage, with fragrances resembling citrus, lavender, camphor and mint, utilized in perfumery and traditional medicine, commonly for respiratory conditions. One species is a substitute for oregano. Another Brazilian species was used as a tea substitute and its fruit are also eaten. The species with widest appeal is undoubtedly the lemon-scented verbena. Small flowers in clusters at the ends of branches (on current season?s wood) can be abundant.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Aloysia triphylla 8-12

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