December 13
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Plant Species of the genus Andrachne

Information about this genus
Name: Andrachne
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Requirements vary considerably with the species: most are quite frost hardy but their moisture and soil needs differ depending on their origins. Trim to shape after flowering if necessary. Plant in full sun for the most compact growth and propagate from seed or half-hardened tip cuttings.
Description: Found in the Americas, Africa and Asia, the 12 species in this genus are perennials, subshrubs or small semi-evergreen shrubs. They have simple leaves and separate male and female flowers. The male flowers occur in clusters and have petals that give the flowerheads color; the female flowers occur singly and have no petals. Some species of Andrachne have minor medicinal uses and are ingredients in natural pesticides.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Andrachne colchica 6?9
Andrachne phyllanthoides 6?9

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