March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Antiaris

Information about this genus
Name: Antiaris
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Easily cultivated in the seasonally dry tropics, these trees are quite attractive with their large leaves and showy drupes, but they are somewhat risky as children may be tempted to sample the fruit. Plant in full sun in moist, well-drained soil with ample humus. The leaves tear easily and are best sheltered from strong winds. Propagate from seed, layers or by grafting.
Description: This genus is composed of 4 species of deciduous trees found in tropical areas from Africa through the islands of the Indian Ocean to the Philippines. Although members of the mulberry family, the Moraceae (some place them in the nettles, the Urticaceae), unlike most members of that group their fruit, indeed the whole tree, is poisonous. They have large, broad, roughly hairy leaves and separate male and female flowers, the males in small heads and the females borne singly. The flower stems and the drupe-like fruits are covered in fine hairs.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Antiaris toxicaria 11?12

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