December 17
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Plant Species of the genus Arbutus

Information about this genus
Name: Arbutus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Arbutus like a well-drained soil, preferably free of lime, and an open sunny position protected from coastal winds. Most species are tolerant of sustained cold winters. Little pruning is required. Propagation is by half-hardened cuttings taken in autumn or winter; scions can also be top-grafted on seedling understocks. Seeds can be sown in spring.
Description: This small genus contains about 8 to 10 species of small evergreen trees belonging to the erica family, which are commonly known as strawberry trees due to their strawberry-like fruit. They occur in the Mediterranean region, western Asia and southwestern USA, with a few species in Central America and Mexico. All have attractive bell-shaped flowers and red or yellow fruit of little economic value, and in some cases have red or cinnamon-colored stringy, peeling bark. Height varies from about 10?20 ft (3?6 m).

Specie Vernacular Zone
Arbutus 3 andrachnoides 8-10
Arbutus andrachne 6-9
Arbutus canariensis 8-10
Arbutus glandulosa 9-10
Arbutus menziesii 7-9
Arbutus unedo 7-10
Arbutus xalapensis 9-10

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