March 25
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Plant Species of the genus Areca

Information about this genus
Name: Areca
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most will thrive outdoors only in the wet tropics, though some of the species from higher altitudes may be grown in frost-free climates outside the tropics. They do best in sheltered situations with permanently moist soil. Larger species such as Areca catechu will tolerate strong sun but the smaller, more delicate ones need more protection. In cooler climates they require a greenhouse where high humidity is maintained. Propagate from fresh seed, from which the flesh has been stripped away.
Description: From the region between southern India and New Guinea, this palm genus of about 60 species is strictly tropical, with greatest diversity in islands of the Malay Archipelago. They are attractive small to medium-sized palms, mostly found in rainforest undergrowth. They vary greatly in growth form with stems (trunks) either solitary or clustered from the base, and fronds from quite undivided or 2-pronged to large and feather-like; most larger species have a well-developed crownshaft of tightly furled frond bases terminating the trunk. The flowering branches emerge from the top of the trunk just beneath the crownshaft and are distinctive in the way the rather stiff branchlets radiate somewhat like a fan. The flowers are small, mostly cream or yellow, arranged on the branchlets in groups of 3 with a female flanked by 2 males, though with males only towards outer ends of branchlets. The one-seeded red or yellow fruits are mostly egg-shaped and up to the size of a large egg in some species, with a fibrous to juicy flesh. The seed kernel is hard and white but veined with flanges of darker seed-coat tissue.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Areca catechu 11-12
Areca ipot 11-12
Areca triandra 11-12
Areca vestiaria 11-12

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