January 18
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Plant Species of the genus Aristotelia

Information about this genus
Name: Aristotelia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Aristotelia adapts well to cultivation and poses no special problems. It does well in a sunny or semi-shaded position with moist, well-drained soil. All the species can withstand light to moderate frosts. Half-hardened cuttings are the preferred method of propagation. Plants can be raised from seed but the sex will be unknown until flowering.
Description: Once thought to contain up to a dozen species, this genus has been revised down to just 5 species. Native to the southern temperate regions, they are large shrubs or small trees that, excepting Aristotelia serrata, are evergreen. Their flowers, while individually small, are massed in clusters and are followed by colorful berries. The plants are unisexual and both male and female must be grown for fruiting. Despite the common name, the fruit does not appear to have been used in wine making. The leaves are usually rather glossy with toothed edges and the new growth can be very attractive.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Aristotelia australasica 8-10
Aristotelia chilensis 8-10

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