March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Barklya

Information about this genus
Name: Barklya
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: It prefers a subtropical climate with ample summer rainfall and a drier winter, a fertile, well-drained soil, and a sheltered but sunny position. Propagation is easily achieved from seed but early growth can be quite slow.
Description: Only a single species belongs to this genus, a small to medium-sized evergreen tree from southeastern Queensland, Australia, where it grows in poorer types of rainforest. The flowers are small but bright orange-yellow, crowded onto erect spikes produced abundantly just above the foliage canopy. The heart-shaped leaves are unlobed. Seed pods are small and flattened, similar to those of bauhinias. Barklya is prized for its ornamental qualities, but is not widely grown, on account of its slow growth and erratic flowering habits.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Barklya syringifolia 9-11

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