January 18
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Plant Species of the genus Barleria

Information about this genus
Name: Barleria
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They are readily cultivated in most warm climates and are mostly fast growing but short lived, easily renewed from cuttings. Best growth takes place in a fertile, well drained soil and a sunny but sheltered position. In cool climates they make good conservatory plants, but need strong light. They can be trimmed as hedges or cut back hard, responding with denser, more vigorous foliage. Propagation is most effective from cuttings, which strike rapidly.
Description: Belonging to the large and mainly tropical acanthus family, Barleria consists of around 250 species of shrubs, subshrubs and scrambling climbers. They occur in all tropical continents except Australia, many occurring in dry, often rocky habitats and showing adaptations such as small, thick or densely hairy leaves, and prickly stems. The leaves are simple and smooth edged, arranged in opposite pairs on the stems. The flowers are more or less trumpet-shaped but distinctly 2-lipped, in shades from white through yellow, orange, pink, mauve and violet; they emerge from between stiff bracts that, in many species, are edged by spiny teeth. Flowers are often produced in succession over a long season and are followed by inconspicuous club-shaped seed capsules that snap open elastically, flinging away the small seeds. Only a small number of Barleria species are cultivated.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Barleria albostellata 9-12
Barleria cristata 10-12
Barleria micans 10-12
Barleria prionitis 10-12
Barleria repens 10-12

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