December 19
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Plant Species of the genus Bischofia

Information about this genus
Name: Bischofia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They adapt readily to cultivation, making fast growth in tropical and subtropical climates. Although most at home in the wet tropics, they withstand dry spells quite well. A deep well-drained soil and a sheltered but sunny position produces best growth, but they can tolerate a degree of exposure. Propagate from seed.
Description: This genus consists of 2 species of large evergreen trees, one widespread in tropical Asia and the western Pacific, the other confined to China. It belongs to the large and diverse euphorbia family, but is unusual in that family in having truly compound leaves. The leaves each consist of 3 or 5 broad leaflets with bluntly toothed margins. The flowers are small but numerous in panicles at branch tips, with male and female flowers usually on different trees. Female trees bear brownish berries each containing 6 seeds. Bischofia species are valued for their timber and their bark provides a dye with traditional uses.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Bischofia javanica 9-12

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