March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Bixa

Information about this genus
Name: Bixa
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Although most at home in moist, humid, tropical conditions, Bixa can be grown in a frost-free temperate climate if sheltered from cool winds. It prefers year-round moisture, good drainage and moderately fertile soil with a position in full sun or partial shade. Cutting-grown plants flower at a younger age than seedlings.
Description: The sole species in this genus is a small tree native to tropical South America. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental in tropical gardens and also grown commercially for the orange dye, annatto, which is obtained from its seeds and used in food coloring and fabric dyeing. An attractive tree with lush foliage and pretty flowers, it is, however, grown as much for its very distinctive bristly red seed pods, which are showier and more colorful than many flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Bixa orellana 10-12

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