December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Bosea

Information about this genus
Name: Bosea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Although rarely found in cultivation they are easily grown in any well-drained soil, preferring full sun and a warm, sheltered position. They resprout vigorously after being cut back and can be grown as an informal kind of hedge. Propagation is easily achieved from cuttings, seed or root division.
Description: This genus of evergreen shrubs consists of 3 species that are geographically widely separated: one in the Canary Islands, one in Cyprus, one in the western Himalayas. The genus is of interest as being a woody member of the amaranth family, which otherwise consists predominantly of annuals and perennials. Bosea species have many crowded, cane-like stems from ground level, smallish simple leaves with smooth margins, and tiny white or greenish flowers in branched spikes at ends of branches. Fruits are very small berries. They have local uses as food plants and in traditional medicine.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Bosea amherstiana 8-11
Bosea yervamora 9-11

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