January 18
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Plant Species of the genus Bossiaea

Information about this genus
Name: Bossiaea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Plant in full sun or partial shade with light well-drained soil. Some species occur naturally in marshy areas but in cultivation they are best kept on the dry side. Light feeding and watering will produce more flowers, but if too well cared for the plants will become very leafy and their lives may be shortened. Propagation is from seed, which should be soaked before sowing, or by taking small half-hardened tip cuttings.
Description: This is an Australian genus of some 40 species of small evergreen leguminous shrubs. They usually have small rounded leaves in pairs. The foliage is often downy when young and occasionally spine tipped. The main ornamental feature is the pea-like flowers, borne singly or in clusters of 2 or 3 blooms, which open from spring to early summer and are often very brightly colored. Generally they open only in sunny conditions.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Bossiaea cinerea 9-10
Bossiaea foliosa 9-10
Bossiaea kiamensis 9-10
Bossiaea lenticularis 9-11
Bossiaea linophylla 9-10
Bossiaea rhombifolia 10-11
Bossiaea scolopendria 9-11
Bossiaea walkeri 9-11

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