March 25
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Plant Species of the genus Bouvardia

Information about this genus
Name: Bouvardia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Bouvardia tolerates light frost only and needs a mild climate with rich well-drained soil to flower well. They are best in partial shade and also perform well as greenhouse and conservatory plants. Although inclined to be straggly, light trimming helps to keep them compact.
Description: This genus, reaching from southern North America to northern South America, includes several evergreen shrubs among its 30 or so species. Bouvardia tend to be rather sprawling, weak-stemmed plants that need support to keep them upright. Their leaves are not large but they are a pleasant deep green shade and are usually glossy. The long-tubed flowers are the main attraction. The brighter colors are visually striking while those in lighter shades or white are fragrant and popular as cut flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Bouvardia laevis 9-11
Bouvardia longiflora 10-11
Bouvardia multiflora 10-11
Bouvardia ternifolia 9-11
Bouvardia triphylla 9-11
Bouvardia versicolor 10-11

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