March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Bowkeria

Information about this genus
Name: Bowkeria
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: These plants can be something of a surprise for gardeners who think that all South African plants are thoroughly heat and drought tolerant. They prefer cool moist conditions with well-drained humus-enriched soil and partial shade. Their hardiness has not been greatly tested but they tolerate occasional light frosts. New plants may be raised from seed or cuttings.
Description: This South African genus of 5 species of evergreen shrubs and trees was named after Henry Bowker and his sister Mary Elizabeth, nineteenth-century South African botanists. They are generally compact plants with whorls of light to mid-green leaves in groups of three. The flowers resemble those of their relatives, Calceolaria, and are pouch-shaped or somewhat like a partly open oyster shell.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Bowkeria citrina 10-11
Bowkeria verticillata 8-10

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