December 18
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Plant Species of the genus Brachyglottis

Information about this genus
Name: Brachyglottis
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most species prefer a well-drained soil in a sunny situation and many are tolerant of harsh coastal conditions. In cool-temperate climates the more tender species are cultivated in the greenhouse and the hardier species against a sunny wall. Prune to maintain a compact shape. The flowerheads can be removed if foliage effect is of prime importance. Species are propagated by seed or half-hardened cuttings in autumn, and cultivars by cuttings only.
Description: This genus of about 30 evergreen trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials is part of the large daisy family. They are found in New Zealand and Tasmania, Australia, in habitats ranging from coastal to alpine. Most were previously included in Senecio. They are usually grown for their attractive gray foliage which is covered in white or buff down in varying degrees. Generally the yellow or white daisies are of little significance but in a small number of species are quite showy.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Brachyglottis ?Leith?s Gold? 8-10
Brachyglottis bidwillii 8-10
Brachyglottis compacta 9-11
Brachyglottis Dunedin Hybrids 8-10
Brachyglottis elaeagnifolia 8-10
Brachyglottis greyi 8-10
Brachyglottis huntii 9-10
Brachyglottis laxifolia 8-10
Brachyglottis monroi 8-10
Brachyglottis perdicioides 8-10
Brachyglottis repanda 9-11
Brachyglottis rotundifolia 8-10

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