December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Brachylaena

Information about this genus
Name: Brachylaena
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most species are completely intolerant of frost and demand warm subtropical to tropical conditions. They prefer light well-drained soil with ample moisture during the growing season. Propagation is from seed, cuttings or by removing the natural layers that sometimes develop.
Description: This genus has 23 species of shrubs and trees and is found in Africa from the tropics to South Africa and also in Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands. They have rather leathery, lance-shaped to oblong leaves that sometimes have toothed edges and are often felted on their undersides. The compound flowers are usually white to creamy yellow and are followed by coarsely hairy or spiny seed heads.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Brachylaena discolor 10-11
Brachylaena glabra 10-11

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