December 15
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Plant Species of the genus Brahea

Information about this genus
Name: Brahea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They are sun-loving palms that are easily grown in most warm-temperate to subtropical climates, though achieving best growth and appearance where summers are hot and dry. Most will tolerate light frosts. Soil should be well drained but with adequate subsoil moisture and moderately fertile. As for washingtonias, dead fronds may be trimmed off but the old stalk bases will adhere to the trunk indefinitely. If left untrimmed the dead fronds form a thatch or ?skirt? beneath the crown. Propagate from seed, which germinates readily in less than 2 months; early growth is often slow but may speed up after a trunk shows beneath the fronds.
Description: This is a genus of 12 species of attractive small to medium-sized fan palms allied to Washingtonia, from Mexico and its nearest neighboring countries of Central America. They mostly come from dry rocky habitats, growing in open woodland and low scrub. A few species lack an above-ground trunk, but most have a rough-surfaced single trunk topped by a compact crown of fronds. The flattened frond stalks are often edged with spines. The frond blades are fan-shaped, much like those of washingtonias but smaller. Flowering branches emerge from among the frond bases, exceeding the leaves in length in some species, sometimes more than twice as long and gracefully arching. The white to yellowish flowers are tiny but crowded densely onto spike-like branchlets. Fruits are approximately the shape and size of olives and mostly ripen to blue-black; some are edible. Some Brahea species were rather fancifully named ?Hesper Palm? by the famous American horticulturist Liberty Hyde Bailey on account of their far western location in Baja California, like the Hesperia of the ancients.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Brahea armata 9-11
Brahea brandegeei 9-12
Brahea dulcis 10-12
Brahea edulis 10-12

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