December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Butea

Information about this genus
Name: Butea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They require a tropical or subtropical climate with a well-marked dry season and completely frost free, and a position in full sun. They are tolerant of poorly drained and sandy soils, but growth can be rather slow. Propagation is normally from seed.
Description: Only 2 species make up this genus of deciduous leguminous trees allied to Erythrina, native to tropical Asia. They have compound leaves consisting of 3 large leaflets, coated in whitish silky hairs when they first unfurl. Spectacular flowers are borne on leafless branches, in dense short spikes usually clustered in panicles; the buds are clothed in silvery hairs. Individual flowers are large, clearly of a pea- or bean-flower structure similar to that of Erythrina with an erect, recurving standard petal. Flowers are followed by flattened bean-like pods.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Butea monosperma 11-12

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