January 20
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Plant Species of the genus Calluna

Information about this genus
Name: Calluna
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: This plant prefers acid soil in an open, well-drained position in full sun. Stems can be layered in spring and detached once rooted, or cuttings of half-hardened wood can be taken in mid-summer.
Description: There is only 1 species in this genus that belongs to the Ericaceae family. Native to north and western Europe from Siberia to Turkey and Morocco and the Azores, it has naturalized in parts of North America. The height and spread of this small shrub is 2 ft (60 cm) on average, but this can vary greatly in some of the 500 or more cultivars. The leaves grow in overlapping pairs, arranged oppositely, along the stems, and look more like scales. The leaves are dark green, usually turning reddish or tinged with purple in winter. Calluna differs from Erica in that the corolla is hidden by the calyx. It produces pink to purplish pink flowers from summer to late autumn.

Specie Vernacular Zone
vulgaris 4-9

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