January 21
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Plant Species of the genus Ceanothus

Information about this genus
Name: Ceanothus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Ceanothus will grow in most soils and prefer a position in sun with protection from strong winds and with evenly distributed rainfall. Tip pruning during the formative stages is beneficial but thereafter little pruning is required apart from removal of spent flowerheads and wayward shoots. Species can be propagated from seed although there may be some variability; soft tip or firm hardwood cuttings can be taken between spring and early autumn. Ceanothus resent disturbance and cutting back into old wood.
Description: This genus of about 50 species of mostly evergreen, ornamental, flowering shrubs is in the Rhamnaceae (buckthorn) family. Mainly native to California, where they form part of the dense vegetation of the chaparral, some are also found in eastern USA and from Mexico as far south as Guatemala. They are often seen growing on hot, dry and stony slopes where they tolerate drought, heat and cold provided the soil is free draining. In habit they range from low, spreading, ground-cover plants to tall shrubs up to 10 ft (3 m). Most are quick growing but may also be short lived. Flowers range from powder blue to deep purple with some having white or cream flowers; some hybrid cultivars have pink flowers. The peak flowering season is early summer and most species flower reliably every year.

Specie Vernacular Zone
americanus 7-9
Ceanothus 3 delileanus 7-9
Ceanothus 3 lobbianus 8-10
Ceanothus 3 veitchianus 7-9
Ceanothus arboreus 7-9
Ceanothus cyaneus 7-9
Ceanothus dentatus 7-9
Ceanothus foliosus 7-9
Ceanothus gloriosus 7-9
Ceanothus griseus 8-10
Ceanothus Hybrid Cultivars 7?9
Ceanothus impressus 8-10
Ceanothus incanus 8-10
Ceanothus prostratus 8-10
Ceanothus purpureus 7-9
Ceanothus rigidus 9-10
Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 7-9
Ceanothus velutinus 7-9
herbaceus Jersey tea
sanguineus redstem ceanothus

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