December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Cercis

Information about this genus
Name: Cercis
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Cercis species prefer a moderately fertile soil that drains well, and exposure to sun for most of the day. All species are frost hardy. Some early shaping is needed to select a main leader but little regular pruning is needed after that. Propagation is usually from freshly harvested seeds which need pre-soaking in hot water to soften the hard coat. Half-hardened cuttings may be taken in summer or early autumn.
Description: This small genus of 6 or 7 deciduous trees and shrubs in the caesalpinia family is found in the temperate zone from North America to Southeast Asia and grown for the showy spring flowers. The leaves are alternate and mostly broadly ovate; the flowers are pea-shaped with 5 petals in a squat calyx, usually borne on bare stems before or with the early leaves. The fruit is a flat legume with a shallow wing along the edge.

Specie Vernacular Zone
canadensis 5-9
Cercis chinensis 6-9
Cercis occidentalis 5-9
Cercis reniformis 5-9
Cercis siliquastrum 6-9

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