December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Chaenomeles

Information about this genus
Name: Chaenomeles
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They will grow in most soils except very alkaline soil. In too rich a soil they will produce more foliage and less flowers. Generally, a well-drained moderately fertile soil, in sun or part shade will give best results. Grown against a south wall in colder climates they will carry more flowers. Chaenomeles can also be used for hedging and is a good ornamental shrub. A few flowers may sometimes appear in late summer. Half-hardened cuttings can be taken in summer or later in autumn. Seed can be sown in autumn in containers with protection from winter frosts or in a seed bed in the open ground.
Description: This genus, belonging to the Rosaceae family, has 3 species of spiny deciduous shrubs and is native to the high-altitude woodlands of Japan and China. Some species grow into small trees up to 20 ft (6 m) in height. Their early red, pink or white flowers appear before the leaves on last year?s wood and are highly valued. The leaves are alternate, serrate, oval and deep green. The flowers, usually with 5 petals, unless double, are cup-shaped and appear from late winter to late spring, singly or in small clusters. The roughly apple-shaped, rounded, green fruit turns yellow when ripe and like the true quince, Cydonia species, is aromatic and used in jams and jellies.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Chaenomeles 3 californica 5-10
Chaenomeles 3 superba 6-10
Chaenomeles 3 vilmorinii 6-10
Chaenomeles cathayensis 5-10
japonica 6-9
speciosa 6-9

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