December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Cotoneaster

Information about this genus
Name: Cotoneaster
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Cotoneasters grow well in moderately fertile well-drained soil. Dwarf evergreens and deciduous plants fruit better in full sun, while taller evergreens grow well in part-shade. In exposed situations they may need protection from cold drying winds. Propagate by taking half-hardened cuttings of evergreen species in late summer and deciduous species in early summer. Seed needs to be sown as soon as it ripens in a position sheltered from winter frosts, although not all species come true from seed.
Description: This genus in the Rosaceae family consists of about 200 species of evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous shrubs and trees from the northern temperate areas. The leaves range from rounded to lance-shaped, and all are simple, smooth-edged and arranged alternately on branches. The small flowers are white, sometimes flushed pink or red, with 5 petals, and are borne singly or in cymes. They are followed by red-black or red fruits with rather dry flesh and 2 to 5 nutlets. Grown for its profuse flowers and fruit, it can also be used as a hedging plant and as an attractive specimen.

Specie Vernacular Zone
acutifolius Peking cotoneaster
adpressus 4?9
apiculatus 4?9
Cotoneaster 3 watereri 6-10
Cotoneaster ?Cornubia? 6?9
Cotoneaster ?Exburiensis? 6?9
Cotoneaster ?Hessei? 4-9
Cotoneaster ?Hybridus Pendulus? 6?9
Cotoneaster ?Rothschildianus? 6-9
Cotoneaster amoenus 6?9
Cotoneaster buxifolius 7?10
Cotoneaster cochleatus 7?10
Cotoneaster congestus 6?9
Cotoneaster conspicuus 6?9
Cotoneaster cuspidatus 7-9
Cotoneaster dammeri 5?10
Cotoneaster dielsianus 5?10
Cotoneaster franchetii 6?10
Cotoneaster frigidus 6?9
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus 6?11
Cotoneaster henryanus 7-10
Cotoneaster hissaricus 10-12
Cotoneaster horizontalis 4-9
Cotoneaster integerrimus 6?9
Cotoneaster lacteus 6?11
Cotoneaster linearifolius 6?9
Cotoneaster marginatus 7-10
Cotoneaster microphyllus 5-10
Cotoneaster multiflorus 5-9
Cotoneaster pannosus 7-11
Cotoneaster perpusillus 5-10
Cotoneaster procumbens 7-10
Cotoneaster racemiflorus 3-9
Cotoneaster salicifolius 6-10
Cotoneaster serotinus 6-10
Cotoneaster splendens 5-9
divaricatus 5-9
hupehensis Hupeh cotoneaster
lucidus shiny cotoneaster
simonsii 5-9

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