January 16
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Plant Species of the genus Corylus

Information about this genus
Name: Corylus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They are easily grown and generously fruitful when grown on rich moist soils and placed in full sun or part-shade. Propagate from detached suckers, mounding up soil beforehand if necessary to promote root growth. Early summer softwood cuttings are also used, treated with hormone powder. Seeds require cold stratification for about 3 months for germination.
Description: Variously known as filberts, hazelnuts, cobnuts and cobs, there are about 15 species of deciduous suckering shrubs and trees in this genus, of which some are garden grown. The flowers, both the long flouncing male catkins (also known as lambs? tails) and the almost unnoticeable female flowers, appear on last year?s bare wood with the same plant carrying both sexes. The decorative catkins are usually visible by late winter and fluff out in spring when the female flowers appear. The distinctively husked edible nuts ripen in autumn. The plants have a long history in cultivation, and over the centuries have been put to a variety of uses including thatching.

Specie Vernacular Zone
americana 4-8
avellana 4-8
cornuta 4-8
Corylus colurna 4-8
Corylus heterophylla 6-9
Corylus maxima 5-9

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