December 18
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Plant Species of the genus Colutea

Information about this genus
Name: Colutea
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most species are moderately to very frost hardy and will grow in a wide range of soils provided the drainage is good. They thrive in inland gardens and also grow well near the coast. Plant in full sun for the best flower and pod production. Regular tip pinching and thinning will help to keep the plants from becoming rangy. Propagate from seed or summer cuttings.
Description: The 30-odd species of deciduous shrubs and small trees that make up this leguminous genus occur naturally in Africa and Europe eastward to Central Asia. They are wiry stemmed, sometimes spiny, and have pinnate or trifoliate leaves, usually composed of very small leaflets. The small racemes of yellow to orange pea-like flowers that appear from spring to autumn are quite attractive, but often the most interesting feature is the pods that follow. The pods become very inflated and balloon-like and may be colored, translucent, glossy or hairy. While rarely strikingly ornamentals, they are worth growing as novelties; children love the pods because of the noise they make when burst by squeezing.

Specie Vernacular Zone
arborescens 5?10
Colutea 3 media 6-10
Colutea istria 7-10
Colutea orientalis 7-10

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