January 16
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Plant Species of the genus Coronilla

Information about this genus
Name: Coronilla
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: They need shelter from cold winds and winter frosts, and do best in full sun in well-drained moderately fertile soil. Propagate by taking cuttings either in summer or autumn or by sowing freshly ripened seed.
Description: There are about 20 species of annuals, perennials and shrubs, some evergreen and some deciduous, within this genus. Native to Europe, Africa and Asia, their habitat ranges from open woodland to dry scrub and grassland. Coronilla valentina grows on cliffs, and is used for erosion control. The leaves of Coronilla are usually pinnate; pea-like flowers are borne in umbels, with some species being fragrant.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Coronilla emerus 6?9
Coronilla valentina 9?10
globosa white crownvetch
scorpioides yellow crownvetch
varia purple crownvetch

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