December 17
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Plant Species of the genus Crotalaria

Information about this genus
Name: Crotalaria
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Although some species will tolerate light frosts, a warm climate or at least a good hot summer is essential to ensure heavy flowering. Flowering is mainly in late spring, though trimming after the first flush of flowers can encourage a second crop. Propagate from half-hardened cuttings or by sowing fresh seed, which should be soaked first.
Description: This African-centered tropical and warm temperate genus of around 600 species includes many evergreen shrubs notable for their racemes of showy pea-like flowers, often in strong yellow tones. Conspicuous seed pods follow the flowers and as they ripen the seeds within rattle around, hence the common name rattlebox and the Latin name, which comes from krotalon, a castanet. The leaves may be simple or trifoliate and vary in texture from soft and pliable to leathery depending on the species.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Crotalaria agatiflora 9-11
Crotalaria capensis 10-11
Crotalaria cunninghamii 10-12
Crotalaria semperflorens 9-11
sagittalis arrowhead rattlebox
spectabilis showy rattlebox

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