December 12
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Plant Species of the genus Cytisus

Information about this genus
Name: Cytisus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Brooms need a free-draining soil, preferably slightly acidic but fairly low in fertility. An exposed sunny position gives the best display of flowers. Spent flowers and shoots should be removed after flowering, together with some of the older shoots, in order to open up the center of the plant and encourage new growth from the base. The typical arching habit of the plant should be maintained. Most species can be propagated from short-tip cuttings of ripened current year?s growth, taken in late autumn or early winter.
Description: This genus of about 50 species belonging to the pea family consists of mainly evergreen shrubs. Most are native to Europe, with a few in western Asia and North Africa. They vary from small prostrate shrubs to small trees. All have typical pea-shaped flowers; the main flowering season is late spring or summer. The broom-like twiggy growths are sometimes almost leafless. The fruit is a flattened legume with small hard-coated seeds. The brooms are useful ornamentally for their extreme hardiness and showy flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Cytisus 3 beanii 6-9
Cytisus 3 kewensis 6-9
Cytisus 3 praecox 6-9
Cytisus decumbens 6-9
Cytisus Hybrid Varieties 5-9
Cytisus multiflorus 6-10
Cytisus nigricans 5-9
Cytisus supranubius 7-10
scoparius 5-9
villosus hairybroom

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