December 17
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Plant Species of the genus Deutzia

Information about this genus
Name: Deutzia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most deutzias are very frost hardy and the genus is a mainstay of temperate gardens. They are best sheltered from strong winds that can damage the thin leaves or strip the flowers. Prune and thin after flowering to maintain a good framework of strong branches. Propagate from seed or half-hardened summer cuttings.
Description: Widely cultivated for its many graceful and ornamental members, this genus is composed of 60 species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs found mainly in temperate Asia with a toehold in Central America. Most of the commonly grown deutzias are spring flowering and deciduous. They have pointed oval to lance-shaped leaves in opposite pairs, often with serrated edges, and heads of small, starry, 5-petalled, white, cream or pink flowers that are usually held clear of the foliage.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Deutzia 3 elegantissima 5-9
Deutzia 3 hybrida 5-9
Deutzia 3 kalmiiflora 5-9
Deutzia 3 lemoinei 4-9
Deutzia 3 magnifica 5-9
Deutzia 3 rosea 5-9
Deutzia compacta 6-9
Deutzia crenata 6-9
Deutzia discolor 5-9
Deutzia glomeruliflora 5-9
Deutzia gracilis 5-9
Deutzia longifolia 6-9
Deutzia ningpoensis 5-9
Deutzia pulchra 6-10
Deutzia schneideriana 6-10
Deutzia setchuenensis 5-9
Deutzia staminea 8-10
scabra 5-9

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