December 15
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Plant Species of the genus Albizia

Information about this genus
Name: Albizia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Albizia species are tolerant of poor soils but perform best on well-drained loam in a sheltered position, requiring moisture and warmth in summer. Because the seeds have impermeable coats, it is best to first soak the seed in sulfuric acid for half an hour and then to wash it thoroughly prior to sowing. In early spring, root cuttings of at least 1?2 in (12 mm) diameter, and planted immediately, are also successful.
Description: This genus contains trees, shrubs and vines in the Mimosaceae?the mimosa family. (While the members are sometimes referred to as ?mimosas?, this name is more usually kept for a member of the related acacias?Acacia dealbata?the silver wattle.) Most have attractive feathery foliage of bipinnate compound leaves and showy flowerheads of prominent stamens in pink, cream or white. Flowers are followed by flattened pods (legumes). The members of this genus are fast growing but generally short lived, often attacked by borers. They can become weedy. Most are reasonably drought and cold tolerant to 23?F (?5?C). The foliage and seed pods provide nutritious fodder and the powdered bark has been used as a soap.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Albizia adianthifolia 9-12
Albizia lebbeck 10-12
Albizia saman 10?12
Albizia tanganyicensis 9-11
julibrissin 8-12

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