December 10
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Plant Species of the genus Echium

Information about this genus
Name: Echium
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Echiums are best treated as in nature, with only moderate amounts of fertilizer and water. They are suited to coastal conditions and a position in full sun. They will tolerate only light frosts. Propagation is usually from seed, but cuttings may be taken in spring or summer. In mild climates they self-seed quite readily.
Description: This genus of about 40 mildly poisonous shrubs, annuals and biennials in the borage family is native to the Mediterranean region. Several species are grown for their spectacular spikes of blue, purple or pink flowers, produced in late spring and summer. Most of the shrubby species grow in mountainous areas in quite austere conditions.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Echium candicans 9-10
Echium pininana 9-10
Echium wildprettii 9-10
plantagineum salvation jane
pustulatum bluedevil
vulgare common vipersbugloss

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