December 9
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Plant Species of the genus Erica

Information about this genus
Name: Erica
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: All prefer full sun or partial shade. Germination of some of the Cape heaths is helped by smoke treatment. A small group, the winter-growing heathers, are lime tolerant and will grow in neutral and alkaline soil while the summer-flowering ones like acid soil, but both can be grown in neutral soil. Container-grown plants need feeding once a month during the growing season. They also need plenty of water, but this should be reduced during the dormant season. Propagate by taking half-hardened cuttings in mid to late summer, or by layering in spring.
Description: This genus in the family Ericaceae includes about 750 species of evergreen shrubs ranging in form from small subshrubs to trees. The majority come from the Cape region in South Africa, but the genus ranges widely, from Africa, Madagascar and the Atlantic Islands to the Middle East and Europe. Its habitat includes wet and dry heathland and moorland. Most of the plants are frost tender except for the European species, which are mostly frost hardy. The small needle-like leaves are linear with rolled margins; they are whorled and rarely opposite. Flowers are bell-shaped or tubular and the predominant colors are pink and white, but all colors occur, except blue. Briar pipes are made from the woody nodules at the base of the tree heath, Erica arborea, and some species yield a yellow dye. The majority are cultivated for ornamental use in gardens.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Erica 3 darleyensis 6-9
Erica 3 hiemalis 8-10
Erica 3 stuartii 8-10
Erica 3 veitchii 8-9
Erica 3 williamsii 5-9
Erica arborea 7-10
Erica australis 9-10
Erica baccans 10-11
Erica bauera 9-10
Erica caffra 10-11
Erica canaliculata 8-10
Erica carnea 5-9
Erica casta 9-10
Erica cerinthoides 9-10
Erica ciliaris 7-9
Erica cinerea 5-9
Erica curviflora 9-10
Erica densifolia 9-10
Erica erigena 7-9
Erica glandulosa 9-10
Erica glomiflora 9-10
Erica gracilis 10-11
Erica lusitanica 8-10
Erica mackaiana 5-9
Erica mammosa 9-10
Erica manipuliflora 9-10
Erica melanthera 8-10
Erica patersonia 10-11
Erica peziza 9-10
Erica regia 9-10
Erica scoparia 9-10
Erica terminalis 9-10
Erica umbellata 9-10
Erica ventricosa 10-11
Erica versicolor 10-11
Erica verticillata 9-10
tetralix 3-9
vagans 5-9

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