December 19
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Plant Species of the genus Euonymus

Information about this genus
Name: Euonymus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most species of this genus will tolerate all types of soil but Euonymus alatus is especially good on alkaline soil. They all grow in well-drained soil in sun or part-shade but the evergreen species needs shelter from drying cold winds and slightly more moisture in the soil. Variegated forms show their variegation better in full sun. Propagate by sowing seed of species as soon as ripe into pots sheltered from frost. Most species will root well from nodal cuttings taken in summer from deciduous plants and from evergreen plants in early summer to mid-autumn. Mix sharp sand and grit into the compost for propagating.
Description: Belonging to the family Celastraceae, and native to Asia, Europe, North and Central America, Madagascar and Australia, this genus consists of over 175 species of evergreen, semi-evergreen or deciduous shrubs, trees and climbers. The deciduous species are grown for their good autumn color of leaf and fruit while the evergreen species often have cultivars with variegated foliage. All are good ornamental garden plants, but not all are frost hardy. Stems and branches are 4-sided. The leaves are toothed or smooth depending on form. The small flowers grow singly or in axillary cymes and are yellow, green, white, some red-brown, appearing in late spring and early summer. Parts of the plant can cause stomach upsets or even severe poisoning if eaten.

Specie Vernacular Zone
alata winged burning bush
americana strawberry bush
aptera corky spindletree
atropurpurea eastern wahoo
bungeanum winterberry
Euonymus alatus 3-9
Euonymus americanus 6-9
Euonymus atropurpureus 4-9
Euonymus bungeanus 4-9
Euonymus cornutus 9-10
Euonymus europaeus 3-9
Euonymus grandiflorus 9-10
Euonymus hamiltonianus 4-9
Euonymus japonicus 7-10
Euonymus kiautschovicus 6-10
Euonymus latifolius 5-9
Euonymus myrianthus 9-11
Euonymus nanus 2-8
Euonymus oxyphyllus 5-9
Euonymus planipes 4-9
Euonymus verrucosus 6-9
Euonymus wilsonii 9-11
europaea European spindletree
fortunei 5-9
hamiltoniana Hamilton's spindletree
kiautschovica creeping strawberry bush
obovata running strawberry bush

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