March 24
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Plant Species of the genus Forsythia

Information about this genus
Name: Forsythia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Easy to cultivate and reliably frost hardy, forsythias prefer a well-drained fertile soil and adequate water in summer, and are at their best in an open sunny position. Flowers are borne on the overwintered year-old shoots, which make good cut flowers; remove older shoots when flowering has finished to make room for new shoots that arise from the base. Propagate by soft-tip cuttings taken in summer, or hardwood cuttings taken in winter. Some species, like Forsythia suspensa, are self-layering and can be increased in this manner in late winter.
Description: This small genus of about 7 species of deciduous shrubs in the Oleaceae family occurs mainly in eastern Asia with a species in southeastern Europe. The simple, opposite leaves color in autumn. Yellow flowers appear before, or with, the new leaves in spring. Those species that are semi-pendulous can be trained over a support as wall plants. All are valuable for brightly colored early spring flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Forsythia 3 intermedia 5?9
Forsythia europaea 5?9
Forsythia giraldiana 5?9
Forsythia Hybrid Cultivars 4?9
Forsythia ovata 5?9
intermedia showy forsythia
suspensa 4?9
viridissima 5?9

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