January 20
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Plant Species of the genus Fraxinus

Information about this genus
Name: Fraxinus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most species grow well in moist loam and make good specimen trees in large gardens but as they have an extensive fibrous root system and are greedy feeders they need space. Some species will grow in drier soils and in acid or neutral soil, but most prefer alkaline soil. Propagate by sowing seed after stratifying. Cultivars can be grafted in spring or budded to seedling stock of the same species in summer.
Description: This genus within the olive family consists of 65 species of mostly deciduous trees with a few evergreens. They tolerate coastal salt air, exposed positions, urban pollution, alkaline soil and heavy clay. The habitat is broad and includes temperate Europe, Asia and North America, with a few species found in the tropics. Leaves are opposite and pinnate, up to 20 in (50 cm) long. The small, usually insignificant flowers are unisexual or bisexual in terminal or axillary racemes, generally appearing before the leaves in spring, and followed by single-seeded winged fruit. The timber is elastic and has been used for vehicle building in the past, for sports goods and tool handles. The bark has been used medicinally to reduce fevers and the foliage is used as cattle fodder in Scandinavia. Fraxinus chinensis is the source of ?Chinese insect white wax?, which is used for Chinese candles, for coating pills, for paper and for polishing soapstone and jade. F. ornus has been cultivated in southern Italy for the manna syrup or sugar it exudes when attacked by insects and in Canada and the USA it is valued as an important urban timber.

Specie Vernacular Zone
americana 4-10
biltmoreana 4-9
excelsior 4-10
Fraxinus angustifolia 6-10
Fraxinus bungeana 5-9
Fraxinus chinensis 6-9
Fraxinus griffithii 8-11
Fraxinus latifolia 5-10
Fraxinus mandshurica 6-10
Fraxinus ornus 6-10
Fraxinus pallisiae 5?10
Fraxinus sogdiana 6-9
Fraxinus spaethiana 6?9
Fraxinus uhdei 8-11
Fraxinus velutina 7-10
nigra 7-10
pennsylvanica 4-10
profunda pumpkin ash
quadrangulata 4-10

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