December 16
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Plant Species of the genus Acalypha

Information about this genus
Name: Acalypha
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Warm frost-free conditions are essential as is plenty of moisture during the growing season. Plant in moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil, and feed well to keep the foliage lush and the plants flowering freely. Pinch back the young shoots and deadhead the flowers to keep the growth compact; otherwise little pruning is required. Propagate from cuttings and if growing indoors watch for mealybugs and whiteflies.
Description: This is a pantropical genus of over 400 species of perennials, shrubs and trees that are best known for their long catkins or spikes of flowers, which are often bright magenta to red shades. Their leaves are simple but usually fairly large, and most often they are oval with toothed edges. While the foliage of one species, Acalypha wilkesiana, is the main feature because of its showy variegations, in most cases the plants are grown for their flowers. Individually these are minute, but those of female plants form densely packed catkins that in some species can be as much as 18?in (45?cm) long.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Acalypha hispida 10-12
Acalypha reptans 10-12
Acalypha wilkesiana 9-12
australis Australian acalypha
deamii Deam's threeseed mercury
gracilens slender threeseed mercury
monococca slender threeseed mercury
ostryifolia pineland threeseed mercury
rhomboidea Virginia threeseed mercury
virginica Virginia threeseed mercury

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