January 21
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Plant Species of the genus Genista

Information about this genus
Name: Genista
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Full sun is a main requirement and not all plants are fully frost hardy. Half-hardy plants can be grown in a well-ventilated greenhouse. They need a light well-drained soil to flower well. Seed should be sown into pots as soon as ripe, in autumn or in spring, and protected from winter frosts until plants are ready to be transplanted. Propagation can also be from half-hardened cuttings in summer.
Description: There are about 90 species in this genus within the pea-flowered subfamily of legumes. Most species are deciduous but some of them appear evergreen because of their flat green branchlets. Native to Europe and the Mediterranean to west Asia, these shrubs or small trees tolerate all types of soils; most species grow on rocky hillsides in the wild. The leaves are alternate, simple or consist of 3 leaflets, and branches can also be nearly leafless.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Genista 3 spachiana 9?11
Genista aetnensis 8?10
Genista anglica 6?9
Genista delphinensis 6?9
Genista florida 9?10
Genista hispanica 6?10
Genista hystrix 8?10
Genista linifolia 9?10
Genista lydia 7?9
Genista monspessulana 8?10
Genista pilosa 5?9
Genista radiata 6?9
Genista sagittalis 4?9
Genista stenopetala 9?10
Genista tenera 9?11
tinctoria 2?9

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