December 13
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Plant Species of the genus Gleditsia

Information about this genus
Name: Gleditsia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Gleditsia species grow best on a sunny site in moderately fertile soil that is moisture retentive, and may require frost protection when young. However, they are generally very tough, tolerating a range of soils and climates and are pollution resistant. Gleditsia triacanthos in particular is widely used in street and amenity planting in the USA. If necessary, pruning for shape can be carried out in late summer. Species are propagated from seed sown in autumn, while cultivars are grafted or budded.
Description: There are 14 species of deciduous trees in this genus which is part of the large pea family (Leguminosae). They are native to North and South America, central and eastern Asia, Iran and parts of Africa. All have attractive, fern-like, pinnately or bipinnately arranged leaves and are armed with stout, sometimes branching, thorns on the trunk and branches. The flowers are insignificant and followed by seed pods of varying lengths. In some species the pods contain a sweet pulp.

Specie Vernacular Zone
aquatica 6?11
Gleditsia caspica 6?10
Gleditsia japonica 6?10
Gleditsia sinensis 5?10
triacanthos 3?10

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