December 9
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Plant Species of the genus Amelanchier

Information about this genus
Name: Amelanchier
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Amelanchier are mostly woodland plants that prefer moist sheltered sites and are most effective planted against a backdrop of darker foliage. Some species tolerate boggy ground and do well at the edge of a pond or stream. They are prone to the same pests and diseases as apples, pears and hawthorns, including the dreaded fireblight. Propagation is normally from seed, germination being aided by cold-stratification, or by layering of low branches or suckers. Cultivars are often grafted.
Description: Amelanchier consists of 30 or so species of deciduous shrubs and small trees with attractive white spring blossom; all but 2 are native to North America (including Mexico). One species occurs in China, another in Europe and Turkey. All have smallish oval or elliptical leaves on slender stalks, often downy beneath and with finely toothed margins. The flowers, each with 5 narrow petals, are borne in small sprays terminating spur shoots as in the related Malus (apples) and Pyrus (pears); the small hawthorn-like fruit with sepals persisting at the apex also betray their membership of the pome-fruit subfamily of the rose family. The fruits mostly ripen to blue-black and are edible, although often not palatable until overripe. They are regarded as important food for wildlife, especially birds. Some serviceberries make attractive ornamentals, displaying their clouds of white bloom just before or with the new leaves, though the display is brief. The silvery down on new growths of some species is another appealing feature, as is the autumn foliage color.

Specie Vernacular Zone
Amelanchier 3 grandiflora 4-9
Amelanchier alnifolia 3-9
Amelanchier lamarckii 4-9
Amelanchier ovalis 5-9
arborea common serviceberry
bartramiana 5-8
canadensis 5-9
humilis low serviceberry
interior Pacific serviceberry
laevis 4-9
nantucketensis Nantucket serviceberry
obovalis coastal serviceberry
sanguinea roundleaf serviceberry
spicata 4-9
stolonifera running serviceberry

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