December 16
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Plant Species of the genus Gymnocladus

Information about this genus
Name: Gymnocladus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Adaptable to most soil types in an open sunny position, these trees are drought and frost resistant. Propagation is from seed.
Description: A member of the pea family, this genus of 2 to 5 deciduous trees is found across warm-temperate regions of North America and eastern Asia. They have bipinnate leaves and separate male and female plants with flowers in short terminal panicles. The fruit is a large woody pod containing flat, hard glossy seeds. The fruit of Gymnocladus dioica was used by early American settlers as a substitute for coffee. Native Americans cooked and ate the seeds.

Specie Vernacular Zone
dioicus Kentucky coffeetree
Gymnocladus chinensis 9?10
Gymnocladus dioica 4?8

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