January 21
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Plant Species of the genus Heliotropium

Information about this genus
Name: Heliotropium
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Most prefer fertile free-draining soils, summer moisture and shelter from cold. Full sun to filtered light is their favored habitat. Where frosts occur, the most sheltered position in the garden must be selected. Prune moderately immediately after flowering to encourage new shoots. Propagate from soft-tip cuttings in spring or summer or half-hardened cuttings in autumn to winter in a warm and moist situation.
Description: Belonging to the borage family, Boraginaceae, this is a genus of approximately 250 species, mainly evergreen shrubs, from Central America and temperate South America. Some are locally important medicinally and others are significant ornamentals.

Specie Vernacular Zone
amplexicaule clasping heliotrope
arborescens 9-12
curassavicum salt heliotrope
europaeum European heliotrope
Heliotropium ?Mini Marine? 10-11
indicum Indian heliotrope
ramosissimum wavy heliotrope
supinum dwarf heliotrope
tenellum pasture heliotrope

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