September 23
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Plant Species of the genus Ilex

Information about this genus
Name: Ilex
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: North American hollies prefer neutral to acid soil, while Asian and European species are less fussy and will grow in most soils as long as they are moderately fertile, well drained and humus-rich. Green hollies will also grow in part or full shade (but not deep shade). Most variegated hollies require full sun to show their variegation to best effect. Propagate by half-hardened cuttings in late summer or early autumn. Seed can be sown in autumn but patience is needed as germination may take 2 or 3 years. Tender species need greenhouse protection in winter in colder climates.
Description: This widely distributed genus contains more than 400 species of evergreen or deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers. They mostly grow in woodland in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of the world. There are even epiphytic species native to Borneo. Used for its foliage and berries since Roman times, holly has long been associated with Northern Hemisphere festivals celebrating the winter solstice, as well as Christmas. The wood of some species is used for veneers and musical instruments. In some countries the leaves are used as tea substitutes or in tisanes. Male and female flowers usually grow on separate trees, thus plants of both sexes are required for the production of berries.

Specie Vernacular Zone
crenata 6-10
decidua 6-10
glabra 3-9
Ilex 3 alteaclerensis 6-10
Ilex 3 aquipernyi 6-10
Ilex 3 attenuata 7-10
Ilex 3 koehneana 7-10
Ilex 3 meserveae 6-10
Ilex 3 wandoensis 7-10
Ilex aquifolium 6-10
Ilex cassine 6-10
Ilex colchica 6-9
Ilex corallina 6-9
Ilex cornuta 6-10
Ilex cyrtura 7-10
Ilex dimorphophylla 7-10
Ilex dipyrena 7-10
Ilex Hybrid Cultivars 6-10
Ilex integra 7-10
Ilex kingiana 8-10
Ilex latifolia 7-9
Ilex mitis 8-11
Ilex myrtifolia 7-9
Ilex paraguariensis 9-11
Ilex pedunculosa 5-9
Ilex perado 7-9
Ilex pernyi 5-10
Ilex rotunda 7-9
Ilex serrata 5-10
Ilex vomitoria 6-10
Ilex yunnanensis 6-10
laevigata smooth winterberry
montana mountain holly
opaca 5-9
verticillata 3-9

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