September 24
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Plant Species of the genus Justicia

Information about this genus
Name: Justicia
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: A feature of warm-climate gardens and popular house and greenhouse plants elsewhere, all but a few justicias are very frost tender. Some can tolerate being frosted to the ground, reshooting in spring, but most need mild winter conditions. They prefer moist well-drained soil in sun or partial shade and also need shelter from strong winds. They should be kept compact by regular tip pinching or a light trimming after flowering. Propagate from seed or half-hardened cuttings.
Description: This largely tropical and subtropical American genus encompasses over 400 species of perennials, subshrubs and shrubs, with relatively few features common to all. A small number of species can be found in other warm areas of the world. The shrubby species are evergreen and their leaves are usually simple pointed ovals in opposite pairs, sometimes hairy or with a velvety surface. The flowers are clustered, sometimes in upright panicles at the branch tips; in other species they may be in looser, more open heads. The flowers can be large and very bright but in many cases the true flowers are small and the flowerheads are made colorful and showy by the large bracts that subtend the flowers.

Specie Vernacular Zone
americana American water-willow
Justicia adhatoda 10-12
Justicia aurea 9-12
Justicia brandegeana 9-11
Justicia carnea 10-12
Justicia rizzinii 9-11
Justicia spicigera 10-12
ovata looseflower water-willow

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