December 14
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Plant Species of the genus Juniperus

Information about this genus
Name: Juniperus
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Although drought hardy and tough, these plants are susceptible to fungal attack and should be given an open airy situation. Well-drained soils are essential. Regular light pruning maintains shape but bare wood should not be cut into as it rarely sprouts. Propagation from fresh seed is best, although named cultivars should be either grafted or grown from a cutting (with a heel of older wood) in winter. The new season?s terminal growth will also strike readily.
Description: This genus consists of approximately 60 generally slow-growing evergreen trees and shrubs in the family Cupressaceae. It occurs naturally only in the Northern Hemisphere where it is widely distributed. It is the most drought-hardy genus of all the conifers. The larger trees are valued for their timber and all species are long lived, performing particularly well on alkaline soils. Two foliage types are seen: juvenile, which is awl-shaped (curved and needle-like), and adult, which is scale-like and stem-clasping. Most species display both foliage types but some selected cultivars remain true to only one or the other. Many offer outstanding ornamental value because of texture, color or both. When crushed, the foliage of most is pungently aromatic. The small, fleshy, berry-like fruits are actually cones that ripen to blue-black or reddish. Gin is processed from those of the common juniper. Usually separate male and female plants are found.

Specie Vernacular Zone
communis 2-8
horizontalis 4-8
Juniperus 3 pfitzeriana 4-8
Juniperus bermudiana 8-10
Juniperus brevifolia 8-10
Juniperus californica 7-9
Juniperus cedrus 7-9
Juniperus chinensis 4-9
Juniperus conferta 5-9
Juniperus davurica 4-8
Juniperus deppeana var. pachyphlaea 7-9
Juniperus drupacea 5-9
Juniperus excelsa 5-8
Juniperus monosperma 6-10
Juniperus occidentalis 5-9
Juniperus osteosperma 3-7
Juniperus oxycedrus 5-10
Juniperus procera 8-10
Juniperus procumbens 4-9
Juniperus recurva 7-9
Juniperus rigida 4-8
Juniperus sabina 4-9
Juniperus scopulorum 5-9
Juniperus squamata 4-9
Juniperus taxifolia 5-9
Juniperus thurifera 7-9
Juniperus wallichiana 6-8
virginiana 2-8

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