December 17
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Plant Species of the genus Kerria

Information about this genus
Name: Kerria
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Kerria japonica will grow in any moderately fertile soil with free drainage, preferring a sunny or lightly shaded position and a cool moist climate. Several of the older flowering shoots should be removed at the base after flowering each year to make room for new shoots; no further pruning is necessary. It is easily propagated; soft-tip or half-hardened cuttings taken in spring or summer strike readily, or stems can be layered and lifted a year later.
Description: This genus with a single species in the Rosaceae family is native to China and Japan, where it has long been cultivated?the double-flowered form can be seen in almost every Chinese garden today. It was named after William Kerr, a plant collector from Kew Gardens, who introduced the plant into England in 1804. It is a low, suckering deciduous shrub with bright yellow flowers and graceful cane-like stems with rather sparse but attractive foliage, and makes an interesting addition to a shrub border.

Specie Vernacular Zone
japonica 5-10

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