December 16
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Plant Species of the genus Lavandula

Information about this genus
Name: Lavandula
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Lavenders are excellent for hot dry sites, containers, hedging and positions where they can be brushed against to release their aroma. They grow in a wide range of soils which must be well-drained, particularly in winter. Cultivated species belong to 3 groups: the hardy Spica (?English lavender?) Group, which produces the best oil; the slightly tender Stoechas Group, with fatter flower spikes topped by petal-like bracts; and the tender Pterostoechas Group, with divided leaves and flowers that lack the true lavender fragrance. The latter group are conservatory plants in cool-temperate climates; the Stoechas Group can also be grown in this way or with the protection of a warm wall. In warm areas the Stoechas lavenders are seldom without flower and should be pruned in summer. Hardy species are pruned after flowering. All species can be propagated from seed and, while this is the best method for the Pterostoechas Group, results may be variable with other species. Lavenders are more usually propagated from tip cuttings in spring or half-hardened cuttings in autumn.
Description: The 28 species of evergreen aromatic shrubs in this genus are distributed from northern Africa and the Mediterranean to western Asia, India and the Canary and Cape Verde Islands. Their natural habitat is dry and exposed rocky areas. They are part of the large mint family that includes herbs such as sage and rosemary. The narrow leaves are usually grayish green and are pinnately divided in some species. The spikes of small purple flowers vary in their intensity of color and perfume.

Specie Vernacular Zone
angustifolia 5-10
Lavandula 3 allardii 8-11
Lavandula 3 heterophylla 8-10
Lavandula 3 intermedia 7-10
Lavandula ?Goodwin Creek Gray? 8-10
Lavandula canariensis 9-11
Lavandula dentata 9-11
Lavandula lanata 7-10
Lavandula latifolia 7-10
Lavandula multifida 7-10
Lavandula pinnata 9-11
Lavandula stoechas 8-11
Lavandula viridis 8-11

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