December 15
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Plant Species of the genus Larix

Information about this genus
Name: Larix
Cultivation: CULTIVATION: Larches are adaptable to most soils though wet soils are best avoided for all but 1 or 2 species. All need plenty of light. Species hybridize readily, in the wild and in cultivation. They propagate readily from seed.
Description: The larches, members of the pine family, comprise the largest genus of deciduous conifers; they are found in northern Europe, over much of Asia from Siberia as far south as northern Myanmar, and in northern North America. They are among the earliest trees to come into leaf in spring, the leaves being carried on both long and short shoots. Upright summer-ripening cones are borne on the shorter shoots, and last on the tree for some time. In older trees the branches tend to droop in a graceful manner. The needle-like leaves are usually vivid green, sometimes blue-green in summer and turning butter yellow to old gold in autumn. Some species yield valuable timber that is strong and heavy.

Specie Vernacular Zone
decidua 2-9
kaempferi 4-9
laricina 2-8
Larix 3 marschlinsii 2-9
Larix 3 pendula 4-9
Larix gmelinii 2-9
Larix lyallii 2-8
Larix occidentalis 3-9
Larix potannii 5-9
Larix sibirica 1?8

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